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E-Gift Card

E-Gift Card
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Use this gift card code on yourself, or send it to a friend as a gift!

You will receive a confirmation for your order and the gift card code will be sent to the email you use in the checkout process. This is how you can send it to yourself.

To send it to a friend either use the normal process and forward the email to them, or select shipping (not pickup) as the delivery option at checkout. Enter their name and email in the options, and enter any address and phone number (it will not send a physical gift card, just an email code so the address does not matter). Enter your billing information as normal, and include your email in the billing section. A confirmation of the order will be sent to the email used in the billing section, while the gift card code will be automatically sent to the email that was used in the shipping section along with any message you include.

Whether it is for you or someone else, the gift card can be redeemed online at our website store or can be presented in our tasting room. 


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